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turkeys for tomorrow

Congrats to all teams

Started by Roost 1, May 23, 2018, 10:46:44 PM

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Roost 1

I know some of us are still hunting but I just wanted to congratulate all teams on having great seasons.
There were most definitely some great birds killed and by the looks of the scores most every team had lots of participation. So congrats to everyone and good luck to all that's still hunting.  I'm headed out tomor for 3-4 more days of hunting in Michigan.


Yes Congrats to all ,and good luck to those still hunting.
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Definitely congratis to all team members,  especially with this weird, difficult season we had.  It took me a solid month to put one in the dirt.  Haven't had to do that in so long I can't remember.   
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Congratulations ya'll. If I can get a trustworthy truck by next spring I would love to join a team. I know one of you want to have this great white blunder on your team!
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Yes, it was definitely a strange season!! Congrats to all that got a bird and to the ones that made memories of a lifetime, whether you harvested or not. It was a blast, with a great bunch of folks on here.
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Hunt with your kids, not for them.