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turkeys for tomorrow

needing a little Team 20’s help with this one

Started by kyhareraiser, April 25, 2018, 11:19:25 AM

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I am in for the hunt of a lifetime .  heading outvtobthectyrket woods this morning t try and help our score.  But now that i did get to here a gobble and call to an ole' Tom Gobbler only  to here him gobble  and thinking he was leaving  i'd call and in about 2 minutes  he would gobble clisercand id think he was coning in  , he'd double gobble and go quite.  then i'd here him gobble st off again , so then i slapped myself and said to myself ,   man he is strutting . so i get up and sneaked closer andcactuslly got real close . actually just under the ridge line so
i wouldn't be spotted . i got to where i could count 1001 to 1090 , give or take a few seconds  in between his pivots  which there are two of them . he is gobbling on two ridge tops and strutting the hollar in his 1 min. 40sec. of silence .  now how would y.ll hunt this bird. i gotta feeling this one can help out the Team "Roaring 20's. thanks in advance


Moving and getting closer is usually never a bad thing so keep it up.  But eventually he will leave the strut zone so if/when he does that, move off with him.  Try to get in front of him.  Good luck

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I would make plans to be in his strut zone under the cover of darkness in the morning. Cluck lightly and putt when he's close to get his head up. You know what to do then.   :angel9:

Cheers.  ;D


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well. Team   i am out here this morning waiting on the wake up gobble