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turkeys for tomorrow

old missouri bird down

Started by backforty, April 22, 2018, 07:01:54 PM

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Got my best bird spur wise yet on Saturday.  I setup on the edge of a field in an area that had not been open all season (hunt on a military base).  At first light I heard a large group of birds with several gobblers in it about 200 yds behind me and a lone gobbler off to my left about 100 yds.  I waited till fly down and made a few yelps with no response.  I figured I was in for a long wait. about 10 minutes later a hen cut loose about 60 yds behind me so I answered and she replied. for nearly a half hour I played this game, I could hear the gobblers fighting and then the hens going at it but they would not close the distance. I decided to shut up and see what happened. I waited about 20 minutes and they still had not moved or shut up.  I did three soft yelps and the bird from left cut loose from the wood line about 75yds down the field. I got ready expecting to see him coming to my decoys and nothing.  I soft yelped again and he gobbled straight behind me. He was headed toward the group of birds that i had been screwing with all morning. I was setup in a blow down and got myself turned around where I could see behind me but it was thick saplings and I could not locate him but could here him drumming.  I yelped one more time and he walked into one of the few holes I had at about 40 yds and took a load of 20 gauge heavyweight to the face and stoned him.the spurs actually measured just short of 1.5" but I didn't measure along the back when I took the pics.  ,   
Print by Madison, on Flickr


Congrats, that is a real nice bird.


Congratulations. Them hooks are impressive.


Nice one. Congrats

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Praise the Lord

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