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Nebraska Bird #2

Started by harleytom, April 20, 2018, 08:29:38 PM

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Cool overcast afternoon, set up on head of canyon opening to a dormant alfalfa field. Heard a shot soon after getting there and watched a couple of guys carry out a bird about 1/2 mile away. As I was watching I thought I heard a distant gobble in canyon to my direct right. Around 330 I had a lone hen come in a move right to left in front of me. I kept calling every 10-15 minutes and kept hearing the distant bird now sounding behind me. Around 445 as I ended a sequence I heard him gobble and realized he was close. I soft purred and cut lightly and almost instantly heard him drumming. Now I'm pinned down as I listened to him strut behind me. A hen appeared on my left and I got my gun in position to shoot that direction. Louder and louder the drumming came and I honestly thought he was gonna brush against where I was hidden coming in. Finally I saw him, 8 yards away in full strut looking for that noisy hen he had heard. As he walked in front of my gun I took the best shot I had and body shot him. He rolled up and I was standing on his neck before his hens realized what was going on. First time I've not tried to head/neck shoot a bird but at 8 yards any slight move of his head would have meant a miss. Great hunt/experience. Nebraska has worked hard this year to make up for my earlier frustrating efforts. Ready to head south and back to some warmth.

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ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Nebraska has certainly been good to you this year.

Cheers!  ;D


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Congrats on the great hunt and also a wise choice and a great tip to shoot for the body at such a close distance!