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turkeys for tomorrow

We are on the score board

Started by WNCTracker, April 02, 2018, 08:07:19 AM

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I spent Friday afternoon all day Saturday and Sunday morning searching for gobblers and was coming up empty. Hadn't heard a gobble or even a yelp. Then the heavens opened and rained gobblers. I saw two toms and a jake working across a field and I was able to move through the woods to position on them and was able to peak their curiousity enough to deter their direction from moving down the field to make them move towards the wood line   Two shots, two toms, 30 yards. Pics in the kill forum.

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Awesome man, ain't seeing any birds here youth season begins this coming Saturday the 7th and our adult season the 14th we have scoured close to 1000 acres in various places and not found much sign nor seen scratchings in woods etc.

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That's odd considering the pics you've sent me in the past. I'm forecasting 100% chance of heavy gobbler showers for you in NC

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Congrats on your harvest.  Sounds like you had to work for them but your patience and persistence paid off.


Season just started here in Arkansas. Last two morning have been tough. Spring is a little late arriving this year. Really cold. Nothing in bloom and birds are still in big flocks. Three to Five Longbeards and 7-10 hens in each big group. Hopefully they break up soon