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K&H sweeper mouth call practice

Started by BTH, March 27, 2018, 05:12:22 PM

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My in-laws got me this as a Christmas present. Never heard of this call. With a little bit of work smoothing the rasp out I think this will be a good call.

Phil 4:13


I agree that you are getting some good sounds out of that call.  For an inexpensive production call, I have found the K&H calls to be one of my favorites.  The problem with production calls is that the sound is rarely consistent from call to call.  You may never be able to find another one of the same call that will give you the same quality of sound. ...Just a fact of life with mouth calls...


Great point Gobble nut. The half moon cutter use to be favorite of mine years ago. Never could get another to sound like the first one.
Phil 4:13