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turkeys for tomorrow

ALOHA!!!!!!(story added)

Started by 3seasons, March 14, 2018, 11:26:31 PM

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Was blessed to take a beautiful bird on the Big Island of Hawaii at 8600'. Horrible weather followed us  as usual (Nevada and Arizona should pay us to plan a trip out there) but we're making the most of it. Visibility was maybe 25yds this morning on the volcano but I was able to pick out a nice bird and fill my first tag. 8.75" beard. .75" thick broken off spurs and 19lbs  it was a hunt like I've never been on. Pretty cool.  I'll tell the story after I get back home.


Paydirt!  Congratulations on a uniquely beautiful experience with a great ending. We are on the boards!

Cheers  ;D


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Congrats! Wow, your adventures are making me jealous I must admit. Keep after them!

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Sand Man

Let the little twenty EAT!!!!


Congrats!!  Hawaii is one of the places on my bucket list of places that I would love to hunt.


Congrats, awesome hunt!


How unique is that. Very cool!

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Well done! Big congratulations!


Awesome. Definitely one of my bucket hunts as well. Was talking to the Mrs about it last month and all I got was the eye roll. Did you go public?

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Thanks guys. It's been one of the toughest hunts we've been on. Weather is horrible terrain is insane and the birds are just funky acting. But we're chasing them.  My buddy Bradley filled his first tag today. Got on them at daylight and he pulled the trigger at 10 after playing cat and mouse at less than 100yds for over an hour.   I got within 80yds of one and some hogs messed me up. What was almost an epic hunt ended with me in the rain again waning to take some little piggies to market. But dang what a hunt.
Public land    Private land is loaded with birds it's amazing to see all the birds strutting around.


Hawaii 2018
March 14,2018
We arrived to the big island in a rain storm on March 12. The next day we had to register our shotguns with the police station and get our turkey tags from the Wildlife department. After our morning of getting ready to hunt we made a quick scouting trip up to the mountain to see what it was going to be like and boy we had no idea.  We found lots of tracks in the road and we did see one gobbler walking through and opening. We had an idea of where the birds would be the following morning. Wednesday morning greeted us with 68deg at the house by the beach 48deg raining white out on the mountain. Less than ideal conditions but we had to hunt with what we were given. We park the jeep and as day starts to break we can hear birds all over the place. While this is exciting understand you can hear a bird over a mile away, easy. We made our way to the closest bird which was up the mountain from where we were. Once we got close we set up and we could hear him drumming. He would gobble at our calls and just drum. We can't see 30yds because of the clouds and this goes on for about 45 minutes. Bradley had to go back towards the truck and as he did so I called and the bird gobbled off to my right then Bradley called from a distance and he gobbled again farther up the mountain. I decided I had better make a more and started around the hill to try to get closer.  As I walked up the hill I could see where the gobbler had been standing and gobbling the whole time, it was a big rock mound and it wasn't 40yds away but we couldn't even see it.  I was calling as I eased up the side of the mountain and was looking for sign. I found some fresh tracks and droppings and knew I had to be close. I made a couple soft calls and walk a little higher. I call again and in the white out I see a hen step out from behind some brush up on the side of the hill, then I see the outline of a gobbler. As I get my gun up the clouds make his ghostly appearance disappear, in a bit a disbelief I just stayed on target looking and finally the clouds gave me a slight outline of the gobbler and I took the 25yd shot. I couldn't believe it, I had taken my Hawaii bird in white out conditions it was crazy.  I said my prayer and took some pics and then I hear Bradley hoot and I hoot back, it took us a little while to meet up. I shared the story with him then took some more pics, then we made our way down the mountain to the jeep.