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turkeys for tomorrow

What gun and loads ya'll using this year?

Started by dublelung, March 13, 2018, 08:12:11 AM

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I'm sticking with the 870 supermag, Indian Creek .665, with Shur Shot Stock and Tru Glo Gobble Dot sight. Shooting 3" Hevi Mag Blends but also bought a box of Federal TSS #9's I plan on shooting on paper this evening to see how well they do.

I'm also going to try to kill a gobbler with the very first gun my dad ever bought for me. H&R 16 ga with smooth bore modified barrel. I put a new fiber optic sight on it, bought some Apex 9's and got a pretty good pattern out of it. I've killed a few deer with the gun but never a turkey. It's been in the safe and hasn't been shot in about 22-25 years until last week.


870 Supermag Special Purpose - 24inch Turkey special with a Carlsons Longbeard XR choke. Shooting Longbeard XR 3 1/2" #5s.

Like you, I'll have a bonus oddball, as I will be trying to finish my gauge slam, only have to get a 28 and .410 kill. I'll probably be taking the .410 with me to Nebraska after using the Supermag last year, both my birds were shot at was than ten steps, which decapitated them with the Longbeards at that range.


870 sur shot mag with hd choke and long beards 3.5
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Winchester 1300 and Winchester LB/ER # 6 shot. Gets the job done. :firefighter:
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Big Jeremy

870 SM with 23" barrel and shut-shot stock. Running a .660 Sumtoy choke, and 3.5" Magblends through it, which produce devastating patterns!

Apparently our team likes the Remingtons...this will be my first year back with an 870 since 2009. Hopefully this one gets as many chances as the last one did!


I have two Winchester 1300's. One scoped that shoots hevi 3" #6 with a Indian creek choke.
The other is unscoped and shoots Winchester longbeards 3" #6 with a gobbling thunder.655 choke.

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MISSISSIPPI Double beard

I hunt with 870's. I have one I always start the year with. 870 SM with indian creek 665, nitro load. 2nd is 870 SM thumbhole with rhino 660, nitro load. 3rd, Greenleaf 870, indian creek 665, long beard #5's. I have 2 more but I hope I don't get to carry them.
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I hunt with an original Benelli Black Eagle with a Carlson's turkey choke. I've got 6 of the Winchester 3" Extended Range shells left in #6's. Hopin they will last me through the season this year.

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MS Boy

SBE II Indian Creek Choke with mag blend load