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Author Topic: Looking for some new states to turkey hunt.  (Read 1728 times)

Offline super8fullstrut

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Looking for some new states to turkey hunt.
« on: March 07, 2018, 12:47:52 AM »
I'm interested in hunting texas rios, or new mexico, colorado merriams. Im open to any offer really. I have to offer, deer, turkey or both in southwest indiana on over 400 acres that my family owns. I have permission from some surrounding land owners and friends to hunt their land also, which adds up to several hundred acres of private property. My dad and I also have special hunting permits that gives us access to several thousands of acres of privately owned coal company land to hunt on that surrounds our family land. With our special hunting permits my dad and I can bring one guest each on the coal company land to hunt. We have no shortage of quality land to hunt on. I have plenty of pictures of bucks and turkeys that we've killed over the years to show you. Indiana is a 1 buck and 1 bird spring season state, with reasonably priced nonresident licenses that are over the counter. There would be 3 of us for sure, possibly 4 in our group to hunt. I have enough land to hunt for up to 4 or 5 people in your group. Or if you want to exchange places to turkey hunt on public land I can offer places where we've hunted in montana, south dakota, nebraska, kansas, and tennessee. If you have any questions please ask. Thanks.