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turkeys for tomorrow

What do you grab?

Started by davisd9, March 04, 2018, 11:03:22 AM

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Another post on the forum got me thinking about the "go to" call. The one you grab out of instinct or the one that just gives you confidence at go time. 

I love trumpets and I love the sound of a good box call, but when it is time to put meat on the table or he is gobbling hard and I got to get serious I always grab my Loftis Crystal Screamer with a Fowler Snakewood. It used to be my Southland Slate and Hickory Striker but she has been retired.

Just something about the Screamer gives me confidence and gets me in kill mode. With it I feel he is coming and will soon be right down my barrel, though that does not happen every time.

So what is yours? What do you grab when it is time to hunch down and get serious?

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"A turkey hen speaks when she needs to speak, and says what she needs to say, when she needs to say it. So every word a turkey speaks is for a reason." - Rev Zach Farmer


Gooserbat "Bacon" diaphragm call. I'm mediocre at best with a mouth call, but I've used one to kill 90% of my toms. The Bacon is my all time favorite

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My Crystal Mistress or Hooks Executioner II


I'm a little different, I'm almost always using a mouth call. I can never remember the names of them, I usually buy several before season and just remember the one I like the best by the color of tape. Last year it was a Hooks but I have no idea what it was called. For many years my favorite was a Primos True Double. It had olive drab tape and I wore many of those out in the late 80s/90s. I don't think I've ever called in and killed a gobbler using just a friction of any type. I have used boxes and slates with my  mouth calls but when it's down to crunch time, I'm running some sort of mouth call. It's just what I've been used to since I started turkey hunting.

dirt road ninja


Last couple years it's been either Schafer atomic 13 or his sapele aluminum. Always still a mouth call tucked inside.


If a gobbler seems to like one particular call then I stick with it.  As they close the distance I just switch to soft clucks or soft two note yelps.  I have an HS Strut lil' duece 2 slate over glass that the glass separated from the slate long ago, rattles like crazy in my vest, but with a old carbon striker has caused quite a few gobblers to leave the woods with an eternal headache.