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nitro shells

Started by potter, March 01, 2018, 09:17:09 AM

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I noticed my nitro shells new tss leak at the crimp. Called they said put elmers glue on crimp. I carried 2 nitro 457 in my vest last season and both are sound half full when u shake them.anybody else have this problem?and how do u fix it?


It's been a known issue with Nitro for years. The last ones I bought (before I started loading TSS) I just sealed them with glue before I hunted with them.
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Hevi does the exact same thing. I melted a b-day candle and dripped it onto the crimp.
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If you send the shells back to nitro they will replace them and send them back
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I used the liquid rubber sealer like you use for electrical contacts it works well.

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