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Author Topic: Winchester SXP Longbeard and Longbeard XR 3.5 #5s and three different chokes  (Read 3034 times)

Offline Thad

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Shot my SXP with Winchester 12ga. using Longbeard XR 3.5 in #5s and here are the results with three different choke tubes:

 75 degrees with light wind.
barrel swabbed with a boresnake between shots
shots taken from a ledsled at 40 yards
pellet hits counted in a 10 inch circle

#1 Jebs Headhunter .650

#2 Carlsons Heavyshot .664

#3 Kicks Gobblin Thunder .680

What do y'all think?

Offline zelmo1

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Did you try the " Longbeard " choke that came with it?

Offline Thad

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My fault this is the regular SXP not the  model that comes with that choke, so no.

However I did some research and the Carlsons Longbeard choke which i think is the one in question is a .665 and the one I tested is a .664.  I called the company and asked what the difference was and the guy pretty much said marketing.  I would not expect much of a difference in pattern.

Offline cibor

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Sounds good to me, was the pattern even/without holes?

This is what my SXP managed:

Temp 67 degrees
Hevi shot #7
40 yrds

Strangler .665 - 10" circle - 189

-Scott T.

Offline tracker#1

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I have a picture posted using a long beard Carlson's choke .665  It patterned better then stock choke in my opinion, someone just posted on forum it looked good for #5s LBs