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Scoring your gobbler: Old School

Started by FullChoke, January 26, 2018, 01:06:18 PM

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You can score your gobbler manually or by using the Old Gobblermatic Scoring Calculator. This post will go over how to score your bird manually. Make sure you completely understand how to do it both ways before your season starts.

There are 3 items that you will need in order to score your bird: an accurate scale, a tape measure (preferably a flexible one) and a digital camera. I can't stress enough how important it is to post clear and accurate photographs. I have found that employing the help of someone else to handle the camera work while you do the measuring will help you to get the clear pix that you need.

There are 3 things that are to be measured for scoring a bird: Weight, length of the beard (or longest beard in the case of a multiple bearded bird), and the length of each individual spur.

  Weight: Weigh him and take a clear photo of the reading on the scale. Many scales will show the weight in pounds and ounces. You will need to convert the ounces to a portion of a pound in a decimal form. Here's how to do it. Take the number of ounces and multiply that number by .0625. Example: Your turkey weighs in at 17 lbs. 11.5 ounces -->  11.5 x .0625 = .71875 --> Weight for scoring this bird is 17.71875 lbs.
Note: If you do not take a photograph of the scales with the bird's actual weight, your grain fed, monster longbeard will be given a default weight of 14 lbs. If it is a Jake, it will receive a default weight of 10 lbs. This is a problem with an easy solution: Do yourself a huge favor and take that clear photo!

Beard length: Lay one end of the tape measure at the middle of the spot where the beard meets the skin at the breast, hold the tape measure tight to the beard, stretch both beard and tape out and read the length of the longest strand. Take a photograph of the longest strand on the tape measure. Most tape measures read in increments of 1/16th of an inch. You will need to convert the fraction of an inch reading into a decimal form. Here's how: Take the number of hash marks and multiply by .0625. Example: Your beard measures 10-7/16" long --> 7/16 --> 7 x .0625 = .4375. The beard length for scoring in this case is 10.4375". Again, if you take a multiple bearded bird, photograph and score only the longest beard.

Spur lengths: The method of correctly measuring the spurs needs to be completely understood and followed. Lay the end of the tape measure at the base of the outside curve of the spur, starting where it joins the leg and pull the tape measure along that outside curve. This is where a flexible tape, such as a cloth tailors tape with 1/16" inch increments, is very useful. Take a photograph. Repeat for the other spur. Scoring is the same way as for the beard. Keep the two spur scores separate. Example: Right spur measures 15/16" --> 15 x .0625 = .9375" and the left spur measures 1-1/16" -->1 x .0625 = .0625. The left spur measures 1.0625". Please measure the spurs carefully and accurately. Give him full credit for what he was carrying, but no more than that. This is what most disputes over a gobbler's score will be based on.

  Final Tally: The weight of the bird has no multiplier applied to it. Beard score is multiplied by 2. Each Spur score is multiplied by 10. Example: Weight - 17.71875, Beard score is 10.4375 x 2 = 20.875, Spur scores are .9375 x 10 = 9.375 (right spur) and 1.0625 x 10 = 10.625 (left spur) for a total spur score of 20.0. Add these three numbers together: 17.71875 + 20.875 + 20.0 = 58.59375. This is the total score for your gobbler. Using a marker like a Sharpie, write these scores on The Roaring 20's scoring sheet along with your screen name and the date of the kill. Take a clear photograph of the paper, the bird and you all together if possible. Post these 5 photos in the "Dearly Departed" folder. I will post each of the team mates scores for their birds on the Running Gobbler Tally thread and update it as the results change throughout the season.

I have also included a folder with a link to the Old Gobbler-matic scoring calculator on our team board to make the scoring easier if you have access to a computer. Score every bird that you take and post it in 'Dearly Departed' folder. We will use the highest scoring bird from 9 separate team members to come up with the team final score. Be keenly aware of this, a team's placement in the contest can come down to the difference of only a few points, so it's vitally important that you enter every bird, even a Jake, as this ultimately could mean the difference between WINNING and whatever that other alternative shameful thing is called. There will also be a folder for the stories behind each bird.  I, for one, never get tired of seeing photographs of dead birds next to spent yellow shells, and hearing about how they were outwitted, especially from my Roaring 20's brothers!

If you have ANY questions about the steps to correctly score your bird, please ask me by Private Message.  Let's have a safe and successful season hunting this magnificent opponent.

We're getting closer to it every day!   :newmascot:


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