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turkeys for tomorrow

Welcome Back!

Started by davisd9, January 26, 2018, 09:32:50 AM

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Looks like our board is up and running.  Hope all is doing well.  Still waiting to hear back from WNY Bowhunter but he will be along soon.  Seems like all other game seasons are wrapping up, outside small game, which means we are even closer to the spring.  Hope everyone is doing well!
"A turkey hen speaks when she needs to speak, and says what she needs to say, when she needs to say it. So every word a turkey speaks is for a reason." - Rev Zach Farmer


Heading to Nashville for the convention soon. Won't be long until season opens here. Hope everyone is doing well.

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almost time to stomp heads
line 'em up

dirt road ninja

Howdy all,

Already have vacation days in and road trips planned. All well down here!


Hey guys. Hope all is well w everyone.


Great to be back!  Looking forward to another great season.