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turkeys for tomorrow


Started by Old Gobbler, January 01, 2018, 09:42:12 AM

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Old Gobbler

5/30/2018 ****Revised ....again

Okay captains...., as a reminder this IS A ALL IN GOOD FUN CONTEST THEIR ARE NO PRIZES -so keep it legit , the requirements to play the contest is that all contestants understand and agree to the rules PRIOR to playing

most of the country and members are wrapping up thier season very soon, time to gather up your members and get them to post up thier own entries

I had granted a few passes on scoring discrepancies for the captains who had pointed them out and explained a few minor mishaps   with that said , clean out your questionable entries asap , and if their is something you think may be a issue pm me this week , if you talked to.me before about a entry remind me again

I will be going to the top teams and going through all the scores , kindly go through them first so that there's no suprises for any of us

okay guys had a chance to talk to a few very good folks , time permiting I hope to talk to more , everyone enjoyed the game ,,I'm going to make some changes in the rules next year to ease up on some rules so it will be less hassle free

Went through some entries,  some were missing some very minor things and we examined them and we are taking the players word for it on most or those -and besides many were past the two week grace period , other entries had numerous problems and had to make a call, sorry -some measurements we adjusted because the ruler tip wasn't shown , and rather than throw out the baby with the bath water we adjusted

If any of the top team captains have some entries they want me to help them with cause theit is a small issue I'll look at them quietly and score what we can rather than take the whole entry away

Here to help whenever possible , pm if you would like to chat --Thanks shannon

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i cant wait Shannon

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Purrpetrators 5/10/18

9 birds

Team score:  574.2275

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Spur Collectors - 5/15/18 - 9 birds - 553.8625
"A turkey hen speaks when she needs to speak, and says what she needs to say, when she needs to say it. So every word a turkey speaks is for a reason." - Rev Zach Farmer




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Six time Old Gobbler Contest Champions



9 birds as of 5-15-18



God's of Thunder - 5/30

Top 9 after being reviewing each post with Old Gobbler... 597.615


turkey harvester

Strut Stoppers-  5/8.  8 birds. 446.3175
TURKEY NUT CUSTOM STRIKERS- Jeffrey Thompson-Owner.  Kathleen,GA
Hunt with your kids, not for them.

Hunt with your kids, not for them.


Widow Makers - 505.165


Guns N' Hoses had a disappointing season. Only 7 birds scoring 386.6725. Congrats to everyone!! Can't wait to do it again next season. :fud: :turkey: