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turkeys for tomorrow

Done for the year

Started by alloutdoors, May 27, 2017, 02:04:01 PM

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I'm tagged out with two in NY and it looks like that will be it for me this year. I added my best bird to the kill thread. I hunted eight days in NY and killed a pair of 3+ year old gobblers, plus a two year old that I brought in for my buddy on opening day. I hunted three more days in Maine and came close but with temperatures going over 90 on two of those days the birds just weren't acting right. Had one good chance with a gobbler coming in but some hens showed up and led him off. My son, who is 5, went out with me for the first time this year too. I didn't get a bird when he was with me but he had a great time and got to hear them gobble and watch three gobblers strut around in the field. Both my birds came on rainy mornings, with how wet this spring was that was about the only way I was going to kill one.

First bird on 5/7

2nd bird on the 22nd

My son's first time out.


Awesome man, way to get your young son involved and congrats on some fine birds!

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congrats, keep making memories with your son



Georgia Boy