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turkeys for tomorrow

Thanks for another great season.

Started by Turkeykiller12, May 16, 2017, 09:44:58 PM

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Had another great season following all of you on here and seeing your kills and reading the stories of all the hunts. Season closed here in GA yesterday. I never closed the deal with my .410 but went down trying. I called in 3 that were well within range of my 20 and 12 but a little far for the .410 with no souped up shells. Thankful to be able to add another one to kill list this season. Now, it's time to fish and get ready for deer season. Hope everyone has a great summer and we're all able to do this again next year. - Michael Ballew

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Glad you were able to be on the team this year buddy!  Really look forward to when you knock one down with the 410, this is just awesome.  I am glad you had a great season, did not expect anything different from you.  I hope that you will rejoin us next year my friend!  Good luck on the water and in the field.
"A turkey hen speaks when she needs to speak, and says what she needs to say, when she needs to say it. So every word a turkey speaks is for a reason." - Rev Zach Farmer

dirt road ninja

Good luck on the fish and it was a pleasure sharing a season with ya.


Well guys my season ended up being a bust. I ended up only working one hot bird. I did call some hens in close a few times but all in all I did enjoy my time spent in the spring woods. I also enjoyed watching the rest of the team being successful. Congrats to the team for a great season!

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It was a fun one fella's.  Got my mind on fall already, hoping for a good hatch from this spring also.  Time to get out on the water and fish, float and keep an eye out for some new hunting spots.  It was and is always a pleasure sharing the digital woods with everyone.  Looking forward to another great season next spring!


Yes it was a good time. Hope to do it again.  Now it's time to start flinging arrows.  Hope everyone kills a good buck this fall.