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turkeys for tomorrow

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Started by FullChoke, May 11, 2017, 11:58:15 PM

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I am so proud to announce to you that with Paintbrush's fat MN gobbler (maybe due to Johnsonville brats?), our team fills the 9 slots with hard won turkey flesh scoring a total of 548.195 and puts us presently in 2nd place in this year's contest. We are 22 points behind TN Dream Team with their fantastic score of 570.05.

I am thrilled and humbled to be your Captain. I am impressed with your team pride, your selfless nature to ensure the success of those your hunt with and your incredible cunning against the most amazing game bird on this planet. Well done, my brothers.

This contest is definitely not over yet. We now need several good upgrades to aggressively maintain 2nd place with the understanding that 1st place is still well within reach. We are now the ones wearing a bullseye. Let everyone behind us watching it start to realize that it is getting smaller as we continue to increase this lead.

Shift to late season tactics, out think Mr. Wiseazz, get inside the head of the monster gobbler in your woods and treat him like he's just another bird, which he is. He has incredibly honed survival skills, but just today, and just here, be the better turkey.

Hunt safely, kill gobblers, have fun.

Cheers  ;D


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Feels good to see us put 9 on the board this year. Congrats to everyone on this team. I know it has been a tough season for many of us, but you just have to stay out there when the birds won't act right. Proud of this group wherever we finish.

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Sand Man

Been a weird year for sure.  TX season ended yesterday.  Normally by the last weekend all the breeding is over and tough to find a tom that will work.  Saturday I had 3 strutters in a field with 15 hens.  Blew my mind still seeing them bunched up like this.  Ended up 3 birds, so I'm not going to complain very much.  I think I'm done even though KS is open for a couple more weeks.

Let the little twenty EAT!!!!


I'm super happy and proud to be a member of the team. Had a great spring and already looking forward to next year. A lot of great people on this forum and especially on this team. Much appreciate you all having me this year.


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Thank you so much. Looks like you made an outstanding year as well. Congratulations to you.


Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.