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Author Topic: 870 Super Mag Kick's GT WLB #6's  (Read 951 times)

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870 Super Mag Kick's GT WLB #6's
« on: May 07, 2017, 10:01:08 PM »
I picked up an 870 SM 23" barrel a couple weeks ago from a local gun store. It was with the used guns, but was unfired and new. I actually filled my second WV  tag with it last week on the first shot with it. I took a choke tube out of another 870 I have, and it did the job nicely at about 22 yards. After killing the bird, I went the next day and took a couple shots with it. I was using a HEVI-SHOT choke tube and 3" Winchester #6 LB's. I got in the mid 170's using this combo, 10' circle at 40 yards. I ordered a Kick's GT .655 tube for it, and got to do a little shooting today. I started with a clean barrel, that I had also polished a couple days ago. Using the new GT tube and 3" #6 1 7/8oz Longbeards, I took 4 shots at 40 yards. The gun got better after the first shot, which was high 190's in 10' circle, everything after was above 200, with the last shot being the best at 222 in the circle. I feel as though I would be pleased with either choke tube in this gun, with the Hevi-Shot tube having a slightly more open pattern, but will probably stick with the Kick's GT in this 870. I also shot the gun for a pattern at 20 yards to see what it looked like with this new setup, it is the second picture. Did not count holes on it, but you see what it did.