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turkeys for tomorrow

NY Bird

Started by Turkeyman, May 02, 2017, 07:39:10 AM

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Due to family problems I cancelled out of state trips and didn't get out until the NY opener. Four birds were gobbling at my starting spot, and when a couple toms came in with several hens, I proceeded to miss one of them at a whopping 30 yards. Idiot. I've missed a few birds over the years but it's been a long time...with somewhat of a valid reason. Well, this guy was just slowly walking along begging to die and I let him down. With a tight patterning gun that can happen when a jerk jerks the trigger!

Went to a second spot and saw a tom with three hens in a back field feeding along. Circled, set up and called. He responded. After awhile four other toms came in from my right...good thing one of them gobbled prior to getting there or they most likely would have seen me moving a bit. No jerk on this one! Pics on the official kill page.


Nice work. Congrats
Georgia Boy






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