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Author Topic: Broadhead for youth hunter?  (Read 1280 times)

Offline Bowguy

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Re: Broadhead for youth hunter?
« Reply #15 on: March 04, 2018, 04:58:34 PM »
The body shot entails multiple organs. The heart, lungs, liver. Combined it’s bigger than the brain or spine. You could shoot a beak off and you’re theory is way gone. It’s gonna starve to death. Ever see uneducated people cut a windpipe on a deer? It sits there gasping. Tell me that can’t happen on a turkey? How bout a cheek wound?
You bring up good points though if we choose to minimize any chance of wounding. Head shots can be way harder for a nervous kid. That’s all I’m saying.
Each year I mentor kids. My own, family, friends, through the NWTF mentoring program, Jakes days, at the refuge, state events, for a few clubs.
Also am a hunter ed instructor. It doesn’t mean I know more than you, just means I’ve helped lots of kids succeed. I’ll never believe in trick shots. Especially for kids.
Ever hear guys claim they only heart shoot their game? Kinda silly, aim for the heart/lung area and build some room for error in. If you’re back too far you get a liver as well.
There are reference points we can teach when body shooting w arrows. If you’re not famaliar learn em.
All in all if it was me, and by my username you can see I love the bow but I’d recommend a shotgun w a kid first and foremost. Still say highest odds are the biggest target. That’s not the head