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Started by suburbhunter, April 20, 2017, 03:18:50 PM

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Maryland's opening day was Tuesday so me and TheBody hooked up at a property we both hunt. Had a lot of action on cameras so we thought we may have a good chance at doubling up. One bird was luke warm gobbling on the roost. Upon flying down he commenced to gobbling for what seemed like an hour but wouldn't budge. He did manage to gobble up a hen or two or three and another gobbler. Once the gobbling stopped we called every few minutes. At about 9am I stood up and was going to suggest we take a walk when we got a gobble close by. It was previously agreed that thebody would have the first shot. Thebody spotted the bird strutting and coming our way as it came from behind us and I couldn't see it. All of a sudden boom...I'll let the body fill in the blanks if he wishes to do so. Anyway...we take the walk and do some prospecting along the way. It wasn't long, about 9:40 am, and we get a gobble, close. I asked thebody if he wanted to shoot and he tells me go ahead your turn. So I told him to walk back behind me 40 yards or so and start to call. After the second series of calling, gobble, closer, sounded like two.  I get ready and thebody continues to call. I see white heads coming straight to me through some brush. They get to about 20 yards and the hammer along with a bird falls. I forget to mention that it wasn't two, it was 5 lonely long beards coming to thebodies calling. After the shot they start to flog the downed bird but then slowly walk off. Out of range of thebody behind me. So a pretty good opening day, could only of been better if we walked out with two, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes.


Nice work guys! Congrats on the bird and I enjoyed the story.  I was starting to wonder what happened to everyone on the team.  This team thread has been dead.  I know the Pa and NY season have not opened.


Good job!

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Congrats on your Gobbler. :firefighter: :icon_thumright:
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WoooooHooooo! Congrats  :OGturkeyhead:
"If You Call Them,They Will Come."


I just saw this brother after I sent you a PM. Congrats... That's a nice bird! 


Nice bird, and it sounds like an exciting hunt!! Congrats guys!!! :icon_thumright:


I don't think I need to fill in the blanks...I got impatient when the bird turned and I misjudged the distance.  Youre a real buddy suburb!!!!  I'll be at in tomorrow...first day without rain this week. 
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Good going fellas!!  Just when I was almost relieved we were done, I already miss it reading the stories.



Nicely done.  Sounds like it could have been a double!  Glad you put the hurt on one.


Quote from: Thebody on April 26, 2017, 02:04:33 PMI don't think I need to fill in the blanks... Youre a real buddy suburb!!!!
;D :TooFunny: :toothy12:
That's what cops :police: and firefighters :firefighter: do!!! ;D

Dr Juice

Congrats brother. Nice bird!