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Back Flips....

Started by Doug Lewis, April 09, 2017, 06:19:42 PM

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Doug Lewis

Well, Derek pissed off the mountain bird enough to where he didn't want any of me either....Left and went to my quota hunt a few hours away. No dice ! They didn't wanna play at all! Packed up, was driving through the WMA and saw a bird in a monster field! He was all puffed up looking like a 55gal drum in the middle of the field. I slammed the brakes, grabbed my gun and decoy and went after him. About a 600yd crawl(not easy)....Last 100yds he saw me, broke out of strut and ran right into my lap! Turned him inside out at 20yds!

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Dang nice bird brother. Way to get after 'em ! Congrats !!

Gods of Thunder


Way to work for it Doug!


Congrats and that would have been a long crawl.
Don't gobble at me...

Captain Hooks

If they giveth you taketh


Nice work Doug

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