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Started by suburbhunter, March 28, 2017, 10:21:59 PM

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I was informed today by Jim, RutnNStrutn, that I have been accepted to the team and would like to thank him for the opportunity. Jim has asked me to introduce myself so here it goes.  I have been a member on OG since 2012. I have worked for Baltimore County PD in Maryland for the last 26 years. (Not ready to go yet but beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel). I have been turkey hunting since 2000 and hunting other critters since the late 70's. I usually get my allowed two birds per year here in MD and plan an annual out of state trip. This year it will be KY again. I have harvested birds in WV, MD, FL, TX, OK, NE, and KY and I have my slam. (Need to get to Mexico one day). I know "Thebody" and hopefully we can hook up and hunt together this year. I am looking forward to the season this year and contributing to the team. Thanks again, Darren.

Only 21 more days until the Maryland season starts, but whose counting...  ;D               


Welcome aboard. Hope to see some hooks and beards posted by you soon. Doug


UttttttOhhhhh.... Nice resume shooter!  :smiley-char092:

Welcome aboard and great to have you.
2017 Guns & Hoses bringing home the hardware  ;D
"If You Call Them,They Will Come."


 :wagon: Glad you're  here and look forward to seeing some great pics and stats.  :z-winnersmiley:


Welcome aboard brother!! :policeman: :firefighter:
Best of luck this spring!! :fud: :turkey: :anim_25:


Welcome to the team brother.  Sounds like you will be good addition.  Best of luck this season.

Deputy 14

Good to have you, the smell of bacon is getting stronger in the group haha.


09-11-01 Some Gave Something. 343 Gave All F.D.N.Y.


Quote from: Deputy 14 on April 03, 2017, 07:47:48 PM
Good to have you, the smell of bacon is getting stronger in the group haha.

Dr Juice

Welcome to the team and let's kick some a$$!  :anim_25: