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New to forum

Started by Bmiller1989, March 27, 2017, 05:53:52 PM

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Hello I'm new to the forum and wanna say some of the calling I've heard on here im glad I'm no turkey around yall. I tried to post a sound file of my calling to get opinions but it won't let me. Can someone help?



A lot of folks use soundcloud. I'm not familiar with that. I think? you can post videos from photobucket also. Or, do a YouTube video.

Regardless, I believe you'll have to use a 3rd party host / link for video & sound files. Good luck - look forward to it.


Thanks alot!! I'm not very tech savy but am gonna try and upload a sound file to get some feed back


I just made my first sound file/video using YouTube and found it to be very easy on my phone. Just go to your profile on the app, there's a red circle with a camera in it, tap it and start recording or, if you already have the video recorded, just select it from the list that pops up. Then upload that sucker and copy and paste the link into your forum post for all of us to view it. Honestly this sounds more complicated than the process actually is.

Good luck!

Dr Juice

Welcome to the addiction and good luck.