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Started by Bowguy, February 27, 2017, 12:07:37 PM

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How's everything looking where you all hunt?  Over this way it seems better the last few years. A far cry from the late 90s though.


My son showed me a piece of public he hunted one day last year. He said he heard a lot of birds but also ran into several hunters. I'll check it out on GE as there are several roads in there. Got to get in a little deeper than most.

One intersting thing I ran across was a small camping spot with a MDC kiosk. It had a bear country warning on it. Never seen that down here.


My father in law has been seeing a few pop up the last few days. Three toms Friday and two on Sunday. Only thing planted so far is wheat, so when the corn gets planted more will show.

Buddy saw a strutter on the newer property I can hunt. Said there was no gobbling

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There's bear country kiosks n signs all over where I live. We'll ship some down to you guys.  We've even got bear crossing signs, only place I've ever personally seen them was here. I'm sure they're around the country though. If you watch shows that show you the highest bear concentration in the world so they say, they'll be talking the town I live in. We used to have over 50 house break ins a year. Pia. They taste good though.


Yesterday morning I saw another pretty good flock near a house n was surprised they were all hens. Closer to the house was a 50 gallon drum w corn on the lid. All the gobblers were there, the hens I'm guessing couldn't reach. Birds were wearing some nice ties! I'm almost afraid to say that story, first time I'm ever seen em do that n it even seems too high.
Couple houses from one of my gun club farms so hopefully they move down in another month or so


I've only listened once and it was a cool, foggy and damp morning. Nothing gobbled but I'll have some lined up. My biggest problem is poaching. It's so common to hear shotguns way before season. I've found breasted birds in my spots so many times in the early part of season. A few years ago I ran into a hunter who was mad somebody had killed a bird he was working. He said he was never hunting in season again, it was much better to hunt them before season.  I was floored the guy said that.  That's why our birds are tough, by the time season comes they will have been called to and shot at plenty.

Never seen a bear down here. I've seen a few out west and took my son to Canada a few years ago. We both killed one. They are very good eating, I wouldn't mind shooting another one.

WNY Bowhunter

I've been seeing strutters and even heard my first gobbling the other day! :gobble:
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