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Bps 10 sumtoy .685 fed hvy wt #7

Started by kickin wing, February 09, 2017, 08:38:13 PM

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kickin wing

Fed hvy wt #7
Sumtoy .685
40 yrds
244 in 10

the Ward

Very nice pattern! William has got those fed flite control wads figured out for sure!    :OGturkeyhead:



That is a very good pattern. I have a H&R with a 30 inch barrel and the same choke and shell only gets me 210-215


Just ordered sumtoy 685. Hope I can get close to those nos.


I only get 205 when shooting that same shell and choke out of my H&R 10 ga with 32 inch barrel. Have killed a couple turkeys with that shell though, it will really put the hurting on a turkey!

Palmetto Pirate


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My beard is grey and my spurs short and I roost on the ground but I still gobble in the Spring!


Great pattern.

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