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turkeys for tomorrow

I need your help...

Started by RutnNStrutn, January 31, 2017, 07:01:02 PM

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Hey guys, it's that time of year again. No, not turkey season!! ;) It's time for me to ask all of you to help me to help children with cancer. I'll once again be shaving my head on March 12th along with other firefighters :firefighter: :firefighter: :firefighter: and police officers :policeman: :policeman: :policeman: to help raise money for childhood cancer research.
St. Baldricks raises more money for children's cancer research than anyone but the US government. This will be my 7th year fund raising for them. Here's how you can help. If you could ALL go to the link I've provided below and donate what you can afford. It's that easy!! NO donation is too small because EVERY donation helps to fund the cure!!The best part is that every donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!
Do you have healthy children? Thank God for that blessing!! :jesus-cross: Can you imagine being told that your child has cancer? How awful would that be? Well, that is the heartache parents across the world deal with every 3 seconds!!! :(
So please, open your hearts, and your wallets and make a donation today. No matter how small, or how large. Every donation helps, and is tax deductible!!!
Thank you!! :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright:



A big shout out to Dr. Juice for being the first one to donate this year to help me to help children with cancer. Great job Dr. J!!! :icon_thumright: :you_rock: :funnyturkey: