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turkeys for tomorrow

Guns N' Hoses, where are you hunting this spring?

Started by RutnNStrutn, January 27, 2017, 10:18:06 PM

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Hey there team mates, where are y'all planning on hunting this season?
I didn't get drawn for squat in my home state. Thanks a lot FWC!! ::) >:( Still trying to get drawn for a turned in hunt, and if unsuccessful, I'll try just open public land. :(
I'll be hunting my place up in SC, and a friend's land in Georgia. I'm contemplating heading to Tennessee and possibly Alabama. Got an invite for Pennsylvania and NY, but I'm not sure that I'll make that this year.

What are your plans?


MD, NY and GA.  Maybe FlorIda if I get drawn for Eglin AFB.
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Dr Juice

NY for sure and NC is doubtful right now but still working on it.


Just Pennsylvania but different areas of the state where Ive been seeing nice flocks. :firefighter:
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Public land Osceola's for me ( sorry Rut, got 2 quota hunts ) again and maybe some private land Easterns too.


Florida romp and stomp swamps with the skeeters.  And finally get to chase one of those "easy easterns" in S. Georgia.   ;)



Quote from: TURKEYWHACKER on January 29, 2017, 07:30:04 AM
Public land Osceola's for me ( sorry Rut, got 2 quota hunts )
You're the second friend of mine who has 2 quotas. I haven't drawn one. >:( FWC's quota system sucks!!! >:( >:( >:(
Well I expect to see some beard dragging Osceolas with long daggers out of you then!!  ;)


I'm with you Rut. Not a single California draw hunt. Most of my private spots have dried up with the last drought....and now everything floods this year. Going to hunt one private place that still has birds...bow only. Going to Iowa for a public land Easyern hunt(???? Typo that BlackMagic should use!). And have an Idaho hunt the last days of April thru May 5.  Looking for a more white tipped Merriums.
Open for options for traveling. Retired and my son flys for United!


We'll have to get together. I'm retiring this May. After that I'm a traveling man with a gun in my hand!!! :D

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Just WV, work isn't gonna allow me to travel any like I wanted.