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turkeys for tomorrow


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BPS 12 ga. Jellyhead .670

Started by Oconeeguy, December 20, 2012, 08:08:16 PM

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with Hevi-13 3", 2 oz of #6, 40 yds. No wind.


it's not the harvest,it's the chase



If I had a dollar for every gobbler I thought I fooled I'd be well off!

Gold Spur

Woo Pig Sooie!!!


I think I could live with that.  Looks good.
"KENTUCKY WINDAGE" is not a barber shop activity.


Five O

Have you tried the Mag Blends out of that combo?


Yep. Magblends gave pretty good pattern too, but not quite what Hevi 3"-2oz-#6 gave me. Most recent 3-2-#6 is 169. Magblends in the 150 range with same Jellyhead at 40 yds. Btw, found 3" magblends in an old hardware store in extreme NE Georgia for $21./boxof 5. Got 3 boxes, so ill be patterning more of that shot.

Five O

I would've thought the Blends would've done alot better than that. Those Hevi 6's are bad medicine for turkeys :OGturkeyhead: