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Author Topic: Super X2 .660 Rob Roberts Federal Heavyweight 7's and Winchester LongBeard 5's  (Read 9028 times)

Offline catclr

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Maybe you should try the 3" loads.

Just because your gun can shoot 3 1/2" loads, doesn't mean it likes them!

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Duplex load of 5x6x7 would be wicked I always wondered why the Federal HWT are only loaded at 1 7/8 it's supposedly more sense than H13 so loading less weight is way less pellets
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Jonathon @ Gobbler Guns and i had a long conversation and he sent me a .640 SPECIFICALLY for H.W #7 shot he said thats what they were seeing the best results with when the H.W first came out....not so much now...but im gonna give it a try and also i found some older H.W when it first came out in the 10 rd boxes at a bargain so im gonna try it....soon as i get results i'll post!!!! Keep me up to speed on yr progress as well please!!!!