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Wild turkey, wild rice, and wild ramp soup.

Started by WNCTracker, April 27, 2014, 09:21:45 PM

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Two (extremely tough) legs and thighs :-)
1-2 cups long grain wild rice
1.5 gallon water
4-6 tbs chicken soup base to taste
16 wild ramps sliced
1 lb sliced baby portabella ( and a few   
   morels if you can find them)
5 large sliced carrots
5 sliced celery ribs
2 yellow onions chopped
1 head minced garlic
Black pepper

Boil the meat in the water for 30-45 mins

Remove and cool then debone, chop, and
Add back to the water.   

Dissolve the chicken base and bring to boil.

Add carrots, onions, 8 ramps, garlic, mushrooms, celery. Black pepper yo taste. Bring to full boil.

Add rice and cover, simmer 45-60 mins.

Add sliced ramps and let stand for 15 mins covered.

I pressure can mine or freeze in qt jars.

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