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Author Topic: The Real Deal  (Read 8051 times)

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The Real Deal
« on: April 23, 2014, 10:02:59 PM »
Okay guys , here is some good footage of actual wild turkeys calling in the wild - there is no better teacher than the real thing - if you sound even close to this......you have a promising future ahead of you

We created the soundfile area for people to improve their calling ability , it's also a excellent way to find good sounding turkey calls , sound is the most important factor in a good call

 The widespread use of smartphones and their easy to use apps , a turkey call builder  or hunter should find it real easy to demonstrate their callmaking / calling skill level .If your making turkey calls for a living or hobby you should make it a point to demonstrate your calls to potential customers either footage or over the phone

 Turkey  calling and callmaking should not  take the wrong path that contest duck calling did years ago- it has become  so stylized it is  fictionanal and gone well of the trail

I'm sure there are many more fine examples of actual turkeys calling in the woods I'll update as necessary

Thanks -- Shannon-Kelly






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