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Gooserbat Powerball April 9th

Started by Old Gobbler, April 03, 2014, 11:22:02 PM

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Old Gobbler


A Huge round of applause and appreciation goes out to Sam of Gooserbat Game Calls !!! Gooserbat generously donated 4 mouth calls to one lucky winner on OG!!  If your in the market for a good call Drop  Sam a P.M. -- LINK -- http://oldgobbler.com/Forum/index.php?action=profile;u=3072

THIS GAME WILL TAKE PLACE WEDNESDAY APRIL 9th PICK A NUMBER FROM 1-35 AND POST IT TO THIS THREAD - follow the official rules and regulations. , the member with a minimum of 10 posts who selected the correct number before the powerball game is drawn by the appropriate lottery commission and To post publicly " powerball"  is the sole and official winner

The lucky winner will be allowed to pick any 4 regular GOOSERBAT Diaphragm calls
Double Bit  Gooserbat's #1 selling call and the workhorse of our call line. It features medium rasp with a medium pitch and tone. The call is built with a yellow latex reed on top and two black latex reeds underneath. The Double Bit features our Axe cut that is somewhere between a batwing and a V cut.
Classic Hen -- This style of 2 reed diaphragm has been around a long time because it simply calls turkeys. Ours is built using medium weight latex, making a great call for both veterans and beginners.

Hillbilly -- This prophylactic-latex blend call has the rasp of the Double Bit, but with a more nasal pitch. It features a yellow latex top reed set over two reeds of prophylactic The Hillbilly features a slightly modified V cut that helps open the call up. This is Sam's go to call.

Bacon  -- Some things are just so good that a name can't describe it and Bacon is one of them.  From 13 year olds, to hunting guides, to state champions, this call received phenomenal praise in the spring of 2012.  Give it a try and put yourself together a BLT (Bacon, Lead & Turkey!!!)  This masterpiece call is built using a top reed of heavy gray latex set over two reeds of natural white latex with a slit cut in the top reed.

Heckler   If you like rasp, this is your call! This three reed call was built for the rasp lover.  Yet, it still has a distinct double note. It's stretched a bit tighter than most calls and features a top reed of gray latex with a spilt combo cut set over two reeds of natural white latex. A Staff Favorite!

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