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Some helpful tips on how to play

Started by Old Gobbler, February 16, 2014, 03:17:51 PM

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Old Gobbler

 The format of the powerball games is similar in some aspects to the Bingo games - speed is essential ..... In a nutshell your odds of having your # picked is 1 in 35 , the rest is up to you ---- there is only one prize and there may be dozen or more people to have selected the same number as you - the key is to be the the first one with the winning number selected to POST on the thread "Powerball"

1) you must post powerball PUBLICLY and to the right announcement / registration thread , if you think you have won , do not send me a pm , all pm's will be voided - POST --  do not post powerball prematurely , it will be voided - please check for the right date of the drawing

You have to post The word POWERBALL publicly - do not pm me !

2)  Kindly  do not pm me your picks or in this case your # , POST it to pertaining announcement thread

3) Make sure you are monitoring the OFFICIAL powerball game , there are several lottery games the one that I have provided in the game announcement or links page is the one to watch -- they will post it, watch it live on broadcast tv ( in the right areas) ( links provided) or you can watch a live feed via whatever means possible

4) At the time of the drawing , make sure you are logged on ! So that you can post , and it may be helpful to have a second window open with the words " Powerball " ready to hit the post button

5) Just cause someone posts " powerball " ahead of you , doesn't mean you shouldn't post powerball also - many times people make mistakes and I have to verify they registered correctly , didn't edit their post , or have enough posts to play (10) if your number is selected and others posted they won , you should post powerball too until I can verify the true winner
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I love the games here, but since you've changed to the powerball format guys like myself that are in bed by 9 to be up at 3 are just wasting time trying to play. By the time I'm up and check to see the number, the winner has already posted up. So it looks like I wont be playing under this format, what a drag...


i wish bingo would come back!!!!!!!!!
i am sure it's alot of trouble though
sorry to see it gone..... :(
Take a kid hunting


I enjoyed the bingo as well..But I thank OG and the folks providing the prizes no matter what contest format they choose to use

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