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sp10 - Rhino 685 with Fed #7

Started by Old Gobbler, February 16, 2014, 09:31:40 AM

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Old Gobbler

181 - 40 yards measured at 70 deg , no wind - cleaned down the bore before the shot with a solvent - mirror bore ...this is with  Rhino .685 , this choke shoots most loads best , but with this shell the Kicks .690 will produce 218 for me

This is out of a Remington sp10 with a polished bore , looking at the pattern I feel its a very good pattern , but plenty of the shot string is well outside the 10 inch circle core --

I also installed the Wolff extra power mag10 spring and it cycled the following round like a champ
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That ain't bad, but I assume youwont be changing from thekicks?

M R Ducks

I guess there is such a thing as "too tight".  I wish you had a 26" barrel to try - wonder if that would matter.

Old Gobbler

I used to have a longer barrel but it shot the same as the 23 inch -- Remington's 26 barrel for the sp 10 is actually a 25 inch barrel from my measurements
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