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Magblends and a Comp-N-Choke?

Started by nickp, February 12, 2014, 10:51:55 AM

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has tried running MagBlends through the .705 Comp-N-Choke on a NEF turkey model?  My dad has one and that choke was fantastic with Win. HV 5's and 6's, but I never tried any HTL shot through it.  I picked up a box of MagBlends to try and almost bought the Federal HW 7's but the lead Federal FCW didn't fly/pattern well through the ported Comp-N-Choke and original TK2 choke.  It threw a beautiful pattern at "open field distance", except that the beautiful pattern had a perfect softball sized circle of nothing in the center ha ha.  But had I flinched, smoke city. 

Red Clay

Pattern pictures on the first post, please. I think you should post this in the 10ga turkey guns section.


Comp n chokes aren't made for htl!


Thanks for the heads up.  Didn't see that when I was looking at the exact choke, but it is there under the turkey tab.  I read from a many of guys that winchester xtended is ok in the 12 ga version and also Nitro's.  Wonder why hevi wouldn't be?  I sure don't think I want to find out though. 


I used the xtended range thru my comp n choke and had good results, then they decided to quit making it. Got a new choke and stocked up on 10 boxes of hevi, then the long beards Xr's come out. Lol I can't win