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Muzzleloader on Cabelas Spring Thunder?

Started by joey46, May 20, 2016, 07:16:19 AM

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Don't miss the latest episode of Cabelas Spring Thunder.  The host is using what I'm guessing is a T/C percussion (he never says) and has multiple misfires etc before finally putting it together.  BTW - this is a very well done and timely show available only on line that is updated every Monday throughout the season.  Nice to view a turkey show that is often no more than 5 days old instead of the usual "last season" stuff.  Nice job Cabelas. 
I looked hard for a used percussion of this type, gave up, and finally bought a TK2000.  Love the TK but the kick with 100 gr and 2 1/2oz is a little much.  Going to spend the off season playing with some lighter loading's.