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Author Topic: Anybdy know how to make a crow fighting and distress call for hunting crows  (Read 1231 times)

Offline 20ga.turkeyshooter

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I want to know how to make a distress and fighting call with hand call for hunting

Offline pappy

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When you use your call, roll around on the ground kicking and flopping and this should get your blood pressure up to a level that you will definitely sound distressed.....LOl....SERIOUSLY I think you would have to work on using your diaphragm like running a duck call. Jumping back and forth like you would a come back call ...?
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Offline gobbler777

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Listen to demos at www.crowbusters.com; calling section
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Offline Drthorn

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I just push a button on my caller...sorry had to...but no I don't know the answer

Offline M Sharpe

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Give Darrell Gibson a call. He can make any sound that a crow makes on one........and any other sound too!!!!!!!!!!
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