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Author Topic: Day one, 15 minutes after shutting off Scott Ellis's DVD, PA Public land tom  (Read 3453 times)

Offline bowmike

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http://youtu.be/3WcsqGLHtIQ  --- for the first few seconds he gobbles at every one of my cuts. Tough to hear again, youtube does not capture sound the best.

 Gobbles are at (0:02, 0:04, 0:07, 0:38, 1:14, 1:20 ,2:16, and 2:47

I just picked up Scott Ellis's Mouth Call Magic DVD. I woke up today at about 4:15 to watch it. I really wanted to try and see if I had learned anything but obviously couldn't bust out a mouth call at 4:45 in the morning with an already turkey'd out wife, and sleeping 11 month old so up the mountain I went.

I hit a tram road and decided to do a little tree calling. I wanted to focus on just what the dvd had instructed. I was instantly rewarded with a gobble. I could tell that I had improved on my front end yelp from my previous calling. (although it definetly needs some work) I could tell he was on the roost so I moved up a bit. I got to a point where I thought I was about 70 yards from his tree. I did a few "bubble clucks" that i had just found out about, and did a fly down cackle. He hammered again and flew out to the field.

I moved my way to the field, and in the video you can see the pines just in front of me. He was hung up right there due to a ditch. I did close the distance, but my phone was dead. Just after this video I snuck up to the pines and boy did I get a show for about 5 minutes. He did not seeme and , man was he strutting, and gobbling, at about 15 yards!!!! I did try to sneak out and around to get a better view, but he took off. He will be a hammer next year. I just cant kick this turkey stuff!

I can tell that I need to work on my yelping rythm as in points I can see it is a bit too fast and a bit too raspy. My cutting is decent, but still needs a bit of work. I had been trying to hear these birds for a while now. But I can say this though, from turning off his DVD to getting on this bird was all of about 15 minutes, thats some results I can deal with.

Here is the other video from I believe May 23rd. It is tough to hear the bird in it but you can tell my calling got a bit better. Ill keep at it.


Thanks for checking this out. Let me know what you think of my calling. Like I said, trying to get better.

Offline scott ellis

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This is great stuff Mike! Glad it helped you!!