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Any good duck/goose recipes?

Started by MOStrutter, April 05, 2012, 04:13:13 PM

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Trying to do the annual spring cleaning of the freezer before its begins to get filled with turkeys, catfish, and crappie.  I was wondering if anyone would like to share any good recipes for waterfowl to put on the grill.  I know you can always fill it with cream cheese and wrap it in bacon, but I am looking for something different.  Thanks.


Bacon and cream is definitely a crowd pleaser, but I really like this recipe for ducks and grits. Also, putting them in a crock pot for 8 hours or so just like you would a roast with some veggies, stock, and a can of cream of mushroom soup is pretty good.


Pat breasts dry with a paper towel, season with salt and pepper.

place a heavy skillet over med-high heat, add butter when hot, and quickly sear each side of the breast.

remove and place on pan to cook in oven @ 350 for 5-7 minutes (at this point the breasts should be med-rare, and I start snacking on them, it's the cooks job to sample, and they are delicious, especially woodies)

While duck is in oven saute finely chopped onions and thick cuts of mushrooms in butter on same pan
(the # of onions and shrooms is a judgment call for you, depending on how many ducks you have)

Let duck rest for 5 minutes then cut across grain into strips, I like to cut at an angle, it seems to produce more tender bites

When the onions and shrooms are soft and the pan is beginning to dry add equal parts red wine and chicken broth, then bring back to a simmer.

Allow to simmer for a few minutes to concentrate the flavors, then add the duck for just a minute.

Serve over stone-ground grits.


Usually we take a canadian goose and boil it with an old boot. After about 3 hours, take out the goose and discard it, then eat the boot.   :toothy12:, Sorry, couldn't resist


This is a recipe I like for the tougher, stronger goose meat, the only other way I've found to make it tasty is to roast hot and fast to medium rare, then slice thinly, but I prefer this. Though it definitely eliminates any health benefits from eating wild game.

Drunk Goose:

remove tendons from goose breast, slice breast in half so you have two thin breast pieces about the size of your hand (horizontally).

wrap loosely in saran wrap and flatten with meat mallet, salt and pepper

clarify enough real butter to equal about 1-1/2 to 2 inches in a heavy skillet (lotta butter), use good quality butter, I prefer the european style stuff you can get at a grocery store, holds up better to heat.

lightly flour meat and fry in the butter, I throw mine in at the first sign of smoke. This doesn't take long, when the flour is golden-brown, remove.

Lower heat to simmer, spoon off any grease that has accumulated, place goose breasts in a warm oven.

I leave about a quarter inch of butter in skillet, then add equal parts cognac, white wine and heavy cream (again you'll have to eyeball this depending on the amount you are cooking), bring heat back to med and stir until well mixed. Allow to reduce to desired consistency, and serve.

I like this with a little white rice to soak up the gravy and a fresh steamed green vegetable to make me feel better about my dietary choices.


Haha... Boot can be substituted for Goose in the above recipe, just give the leather a few extra pounds with the meat mallet.


I know this is a real old one but i will add to it.

take your goose (breast and legs) and put in crock pot with apple cider. let cook all day on low while at work. drain juice when home. shred goose with a fork like pork or beef. put back in crock pot. cover with your favorite bbq sauce and enjoy.


Not a grill receipe, but my favorite for ducks.

cut into strips and pound with a meat hammer.  Dredge in egg/milk wash and dip in flour spiced with old bay (i usually add enough old bay to where you can start to see it in the flour.  Back in the egg wash and dip in breadcrumbs then deep fry it.  Serve with dipping sauce (honey mustard, ranch, bbq, you name it).

another one that works for stronger ducks or goose.  Cut into small chunks and marinate in teriaki sauce and half the juice from a can of crushed pinapple.  4 hours or more is usually good.  Take out, wrap in bacon and grill.  When its about done, coat it with the crushed pinapple.

Another great freezer cleaner for the goose is chili.  You can grind it or chunk it and you're good.  Just about any receipe you have for beef/venison will work with ground goose, including burgers.  For burgers, just mix with a bit of italian sausage to help it stick.
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