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Anyone else shooting vintage loads?

Started by jakebird, April 02, 2024, 09:02:35 PM

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I got a partial box of these that has been my wife's grandfather's. He did a little hunting but not very seriously. I'm not sure the age of these shells but I'm guessing 1960s or 70s by the box print. 15/8 ounce 3 inch #6. Shells are in good condition. Stored cool and dry. Naturally, I'm curious how they will pattern through a modern turkey choke. Just waiting for a break in the weather. And PA doesn't open till May 4th this year so I've got plenty of
time for tinkering. If anyone knows a more accurate age on these shells, too I'm curious to know.
That ol' tom's already dead. He just don't know it yet .... The hard part is convincing him.

Are you REALLY working that gobbler, or is HE working YOU?