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I've been guilty from time to time....

Started by Yoder409, March 30, 2024, 12:09:46 PM

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....... of carrying old Winchesters around the turkey woods.

1933 Model 21 in 12 gauge

1948 Model 21 in 16 gauge

PA elitist since 1979

The good Lord ain't made a gobbler I can't kill.  I just gotta be there at the right time.....  on the day he wants to die.


Congratulations that's awesome! both are beauties


"Solo hunter"


Spring Creek Calls

Those must feel good in your hands, a couple classics for sure.
2014  SE Call Makers Short Box 2nd Place
2017  Buckeye Challenge Long Box 5th Place
2018  Mountain State Short Box 2nd Place
2019  Mountain State Short Box 1st Place
2019  NWTF Great Lakes Scratch Box 4th Place
2020 NWTF GNCC Amateur 5th Place Box
2021 Mountain State 3rd Place Short Box
2021 SE Callmakers 1st & 2nd Short Box
E-mail: gobblez@aol.com
Website: springcreekturkeycalls.weebly.com


Love the old shotguns!

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