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turkeys for tomorrow

Calling in the Flock!

Started by JeffC, February 03, 2024, 11:15:58 AM

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Hope everyone is eager to get this going again! Just check in and let us see if we can stay active and have some fun. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's hunts, good or bad. I Just put in for the 1st lottery tags for the upcoming season, hopefully the things learned last year will pay off with some filled tags this year.   :turkey2:
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I'm in this year if you all will have me back.


I'm ready to go, I've applied for a few draw hunts this year as well.


Print by Madison Cline, on Flickr


I'm in.
I've enjoyed the interaction the last two years.
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Good to see you fellers back again!  Hope everybody on your squad has been well in the offseason.  Looking for another spring of fun...and maybe killing a turkey or two.  Let's ROCK!!   :icon_thumright: :turkey2: