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Pictures on soundboards

Started by Beardscustom, September 07, 2023, 12:29:40 AM

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This may be wrong forum,but what is the process of putting a picture on a soundboard, does it have to be sized down etc. I'm not looking to steal ideas just need a direction to go.

ferocious calls

By picture, do you mean a photo?


I personally purchased a photo editing software program that allows me to manipulate the picture and size it so that the subject matter can fit on the 3in soundboard, and drop off the unwanted content.  You still need the customer to get you a quality pic with the subject matter centered in the pic.  It still takes a few prints to ck under a 3in glass soundboard to get it perfect.  Then I cut it a out an 1/8 larger than the glass soundboard,  and use a spray adhesive on the soundboard your gonna use, set and center the pic, set aside using a glass soundboard on top of it, with a can of soup for pressure, and let it sit for awhile.  When the glue dries, then use a razor blade to trim off the excess.  Thus gives a nice crisp edge that fits perfectly on the soundboard.