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Boss Bismuth

Started by zelmo1, August 08, 2023, 06:30:34 AM

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Anybody shoot this yet? I am anxious to try it in my 28 gauge. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Z


I shot Boss 12 ga 1-3/8 3" 4s last year with great success. I am a huge fan of bismuth. I have chased very few cripples since going from steel. Shot Kent for a few years but their price has gone too high. Tried the boss and plan to order another case in 20 ga for this year.
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Thanks d9, I have a buddy that shoots it in 12 also and he loves it. I am hoping it works as well in my 28. Patterning this weekend with turkey chokes and TSS, also with the stock chokes and Boss Bismuth. I hope to get good results with the TSS, but will make that work with a Swampfox greendot. Really excited about the bismuth. Z