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Made a few

Started by callmakerman, July 25, 2023, 03:31:15 PM

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Made up couple ironwood scratch boxes from some left over pot call scraps. One has a holly sound board and the other is persimmon and both use slate strikers. Two great hunting calls. Thanx for the look. Calls are spoken for.

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Everyone knows Ironwood is my favorite.


Very nice Bill, I will take the one Jim didn't get! LOL


Now what makes you think Jim is getting one of them?


Sorry Bill, I had already talk with Jim and he told me they weren't for sale, just messing around!


Bill you make some nice looking calls

310 gauge

Agree and running and producing make them even nicer!


Beautiful calls - bet they are players

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Thanx for the kind words. I will be working on building a few more in between other projects when my ironwood gets here sometime next week.


I'd be interested in one if you get around to it

Love hunting with scratchers

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Beards and Hooks

Nice looking calls Bill!

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turkey stew

Sharp looking scratchers Bill!

Greg Massey

Bill, i'm still waiting on my pot call .... YOU know i want one so bad ....


Quote from: GobbleGitr on July 25, 2023, 07:06:35 PM
Bill you make some nice looking calls

He always does....and they always run!!!