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Author Topic: Some basic guidelines  (Read 8300 times)

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Some basic guidelines
« on: March 27, 2013, 09:24:32 PM »
A big thanks to "paboxcall"- John for encouraging us to pursue this concept

Some basic guidelines would be

"Alabama Reports"  etc... and ad some basic info ,  how many gobblers and how much gobbling--- like ,I heard only 3 gobbles , no gobbling , gobbled their heads off  100+ gobbles etc...

more detailed info if available is good  ....

Some suggestions -----
Date: Calendar   
Time:  Early morning, Late morning, Early afternoon, Late afternoon
Weather:  Sunny, Partly cloudy, Mostly cloudy, Light Rain, Heavy rain, Snow/Sleet/Freezing Rain
Temperature:  0 - 110 degrees

Extra info if available ----
Humidity:  0 - 100%
Thunder:  Yes, No
Wind:  No wind, Gusting wind, Light wind, Moderate wind, Heavy wind
Moon phase:  No moon, Waxing, Waning, Full
Gobbling:  No gobbling, Sporadic gobbling, Moderate gobbling, Heavy gobbling
Barometric Pressure:  Dropping, Rising, Steady

Courtesy of John ----

If anyone is looking for specific details about their day afield, check the following online weather site:


Enter your location, and once that loads, scroll down to the tab titled "Today's Almanac," and click that tab.  Information on temperature high and lows, precipitation and amounts, and humidity are listed.  In the bottom right corner you will see an embedded link titled "View more history data."  Click that link.

Scroll toward the bottom of the history data and you will see charts with the day's barometric pressures hour by hour.  You will see if the trend was a rising, falling or steady barometric pressure.  Write down the trends and add to your post to help develop trends in gobbling activity.

*****Kindly refrain from providing or requesting particular information publicly like Public Management areas "WMA's" that can be exploited by lazy cyber scouters******
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