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turkeys for tomorrow

Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag w/factory Ulti-full

Started by Poohflinger, May 08, 2023, 01:37:09 PM

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I absolutely love this Turkey gun. I replaced the awful recoil pad with a Sims  Limbsaver and it has completely tamed the brutal 3.5" magnum Turkey loads. I'm getting great results with Winchester Turkey loads. I'm doing research on possibly going with TSS loads with the original factory Turkey choke. Just wanted to see if anyone on here uses the original choke and TSS loads? Is it worth the money and do you get great patterns? Thanks in advance


This gun, with a heavy choke tube, 3" #5 LB will kill anything in let's say....a 40yrd area. Don't need 3.5 or TSS.


Those guns are tanks!!! They will kill anything in North America with the right load. Thumper!!! I have an original one from when they first came out, 1988. Awesome workhorse of a gun. They shoot well with a lot of different loads. 3 I ch loads of 9s.

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I have one from 89. Awesome gun. I'm no fan of longbeards. Idk about now but they were inconsistent a few years back. TSS is too expensive and not necessary. I shoot regular copper plated lead and have since the 80s. It's all you need. I'd only used the factory choke in it til a few years ago when I got a jebs cheap. Birds don't seem no deader so I mighta got robbed.


I have one as well when they first came out in cammo. If you can get yer hands on an old Jelly Head .690 you will be pleasantly pleased. My set up loved the Mag Blends and the Turkeys definitely didn't. Search this 835 page. Great patters fosho!
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I have an early Mossy Oak Bottomland Treestand Camo with 24 inch barrel. I use an Indian Creek tube and Longbeard 6's. Real nice pattern.....
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It is an awsome gun. I have the tactical turkey with mossy oak camo. I also put on a limbsaver recoil pad. I replaced the original choke with an indian creek. Patterns real well.


I also have one with the limbsaver and shooting the Federal TSS with factory choke.  The limbsaver makes a world of differance