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Win SXP Def. 18in LB XR

Started by briton, May 06, 2023, 04:48:39 PM

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18 inch barrel Carlsons .655 non ported turkey choke. LBXR 1 7/8 #6 , 1 3/4 #6 , 1 3/4 oz #5, 40 yds.
I tried 4 different tss loads with no luck. Seems the cheap gun likes the cheap stuff?

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I'm struggling to get a good pattern with tss and my Winchester 1300 21 in barrel. Get much better patterns with the longbeards #6's myself

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My Winchester SXP, 23" barrel, with a Trulock .650 made for Federal TSS #7, using Federal TSS #9 works well out to 60 yards.

The Trulock .650 is made for Federal TSS #7 and works well, but the extra pellets in Federal TSS #9 1 3/4 oz has me hooked on #9's.

Trulock recommends their .640 for the #9's. I ordered one when they had their Memorial Day sale to see what it will do. It is advertised to put 400 pellets in a 10" @ 40 yds. I am guessing that is with Federal TSS 3 1/2" #9, 2 1/4 oz. I should get 300 pellets in a 10" @ 40 with the 3". We will see.

With the Trulock .650 3" 1 3/4 oz @ 40 yards, I've gotten 205, 204, and 225 pellets in the 10". The one that put 225 in the 10" put 620 (out of 633) in the 30". Good-looking pattern. The same makes a 9" pattern at 20 yards.


   Nice patterns. Those turkey tracks look good on that dark earth finish.


I would try different choke.  :z-twocents:
Tell us just how dead do you want them to be and we will see if we can get that for you.
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